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Donating to an NGO: What is it and why should you do it?

Donating to an NGO: What is it and why should you do it?
January 27, 2023 Raj Shekhar Radium Box

What is an NGO?

A non-profit organisation that operates independently of the government or any other authority is known as an NGO.


Depending on its goals, an NGO in India may choose to register as a society, trust, or section 8 corporation.


NGOs need funds to be able to run their programmes and the organisation. They don't make money by selling goods and services as businesses do. 


NGOs obtain resources, such as cash, supplies, and volunteers, through a variety of avenues, including donations and gifts from donors.


Although individual contributions are the main source, there are a few more ways to raise money.


Donating to the causes you care about not only helps the causes but you can also be benefited richly as well.


In addition to supporting the causes that are important to them, millions of people consistently give to charity because of the good effects it has on their own lives.

Why should you donate?

Giving to charity makes you feel good

Giving to charities makes you feel content and pleased. It increases your sense of self-esteem.


According to scientific research, giving causes the release of dopamine, which increases activity in the parts of the brain associated with joy and reward.


Volunteering has social advantages since it allows you to connect with others who share your interests. Involvement in social service allows you to pick up new skills.

Saving the planet

Purge Data, a project of the Radium Box Foundation, encourages people to live more sustainably online by getting rid of pointless emails and photographs and taking the little but essential step towards a greener and healthier Earth.

Helping the Poor

Poor people are one of the biggest beneficiaries of charitable donations. Underdeveloped countries are not the only places where the poor live. Many people even in your neighbourhood need your help in different ways, such as elders living alone and those unable to afford critical medical care


People who choose not to donate believe that their modest means won't make a difference. The life of a poor person can be transformed by every dollar donated.


  • With $3 a poor person can buy a mosquito bed curtain to protect her children from mosquito-borne diseases

  • Cataract surgery requires only $35. Elderly people can benefit from it by restoring their vision.


The Share the Treasure organization works with the online donation of discarded goods or goods that can be recycled after being repaired. These goods may seem worthless or trashy to the donors, yet they may be a "treasure" to the recipients.


 In order to relieve any pressure on the donor or donee, the charity will also take care of the shipping and refurbishment costs.

Social Justice

To aid vulnerable communities, numerous charities and non-profit organisations are founded. They might support a minority group, a cause tied to religion, vulnerable people or endangered animals.


Other causes that NGOs work for: Child rights, women empowerment, care for the elderly, providing disaster relief

You Get Tax benefits

If you donate money to a registered nonprofit organization like Radium Box Foundation, your donation will be tax deductible.

Charity Giving Strengthens Personal Values

The primary motivation for charitable giving is a sense of social responsibility. Most people believe it is their moral obligation, derived from their principles, to use their riches and resources for the benefit of others.


Giving is a chance to give back, which is especially meaningful if you've ever received assistance or charity.

Giving allows you to change the world


A non-profit organization's main goal is to improve the world. To have an impact on a cause that is important to you, like, you can donate to an NGO.